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The Company

Luxus Business Agency is an agency dedicated to the provision of services “Conciergerie privée”, the services we offer are unlimited, we delineate and execute your plan with technical and legal advice, in a personalized manner in all areas where we operate.

Our company specializes in the management and monitoring of services “Health Care”, with partnerships in major international medical clinics. However, it is also a company that provides their customers other services: travel planning, limosine, real estate acquisition and respective luxury furnishings and the organization of events.

Everything we do is highly personalized and planned by a caring and professional staff, which ensures that each request is prepared with dedication and meticulous attention to detail.

A truly luxurious lifestyle.

Real Estate

To conduct an acquisition of a property, it will first be made a pre-selection of all properties that meet customers characteristics, after we will perform a detailed dossier with all the relevant information regarding the property being purchased.

We point out a team that will fidelity portrait all the indispensable information for the safe conduct of your business, we will provide all information about the property conditions, location, neighborhood, security and condominium, for that we will produce a detailed video referring to all the above aspects.

In the negotiation and concretization of the deal, we have technical and legal advice on site, we will provide follow-up, from your pre-book Hotel to the trip to where will the deal take place. Our presence is distinguished by our concern with the details, so that your requirements are always satisfied in full, thus realizing the deal of a lifetime.



We offer all sorts of luxurious furniture pieces, where design and sophistication are not dismiss.

It is important for us to distinguish ourselves by offering product diversity such as: furniture, sofas, chairs, beds, dressers, lamps, pictures, decorative pieces, among many others, with an exclusive essence.

Our market presence differs from the others, through the concern for unique pieces, produced using natural materials and refinement. We work with suppliers from all over the world and we are in constant searches for new international markets.

luxus health care

Health has for us an invaluable price, therefore our concerned is to serve our customers with the best solutions on the market.

We refer hospitals, clinics and other prestigious medical institutions whose main goal is personalized and unique health services, having agreed with these, several partnerships in different medical specialties, such as: cardiology, dermatology, neurology, cosmetics, aesthetics, between others.

The company takes care in its entirety of all services that the customer can turn out to need, from planning the trip, driver, personalized contact with the medical team, the internment and hosting process, among others.

Each case is handled in a special way, with our interest being accompany our clients / patients in a personalized way. If the customer is interested in this service can be also included a personal assistant.

Event Planning

Our company conducts all kinds of entertainment and business events always with dedication, professionalism, sense of excellence and meeting – or even exceeding – the expectations. We accept a wide variety of challenges, no matter how demanding they are, and we fulfill what we propose. The strict organization of our service seeks to achieve excellence in the smallest details.

We organize the most diverse types of events, from social parties, music events, sport events, birthdays, business dinners, bachelor parties etc. Depending on the customer’s interest, it is possible to leave under our responsibility the planning of the entire event, or just hire certain services (catering, decoration, music, space rental, etc.).

Each event has a producer / public relations to ensure the success of it and not leave anything to chance. Combined with this service there is a possibility of hiring artists, bands, deejays…


Our company provides limousines and luxury cars (with or without driver).

We present a vast array of cars with the possibility of including a tour guide (can master  several languages), in case you want to make the most of the time available, as well as meet specific locations in a specific city or country.

These services may be provided at specific times of the day or over a longer period of time.


Travel for an appointment, business or pleasure, we understand that the priorities for each trip will be different, for that reason we adapt our clients trip accordingly.

In case the client does not have a specific destination, and be open to suggestions, we present ideas, creating tourist packages that meet the interests of each client, we have extensive contacts worldwide and access to excellent specialist travel knowledge, allowing us to find the most suitable destination and create the ideal itinerary.

In both options we can include a tour guide, who can dominate several languages.


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